Deus Summus

Yahweh proclaims himself Deus Summus – the God Most High. With that assertion comes the immediate implication that anyone who isn’t him is lesser than him. Is this a healthy model of the cosmos? Or does it lead to endless neuroticism?

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  • That the whole of creation revolves around one person’s narcissism is the most nauseating idea ever written down. Of course, it’s in the psychopath Yahweh’s interest to convince you that he’s not really against you. He’s your friend, supposedly. He’s someone with whom you can have a loving relationship, without actually meeting him or even having a conversation with him, of course. His religions work precisely by way of this kind of illusion. He doesn’t have a personal relationship with you, but you can still believe that he does! – that’s the point. It doesn’t matter what the truth of Yahweh is, believers will always find ways to believe. It doesn’t matter that they’re wholly ignorant of the true history behind Yahwism – let’s go to church and listen to this sermon about how God loves everyone on earth and how we can practically apply the scripture at Leviticus 20:13!

    You might ask, why are people so stupid? The answer: they’re not. They think in a different way. As we outlined in our article Do You Have Free Will?, people can think in entirely different ways. Faithfuls use their emotions to appraise a potential truth. Scientists use the scientific method. Rationalists use reason and logic. The fact is that the word “proof” means completely different things depending on whom you’re talking to.

    This is something that the ancient Yahwist prophets recognized very well. They chose to aim specifically at those people who are driven by their emotions for two reasons: 1) they’re the easiest to manipulate, and 2) they are vastly more numerous than the other “species” of humanity. In ages past, believers forced everyone else to believe as well. Anyone who dared to contradict their dogmas was tortured and/or executed.

    As a result, many authors used techniques for concealing what they were really saying. Some of these are used on this website to hint at core doctrines of Elohism without revealing them explicitly.

    Ever since the Yahwists violently enforced worship of Yahweh in ancient Israel, Yahwism has been doomed to violence. The horrors of the Bible aren’t even the beginning of it.

    Does Yahwism present a healthy vision? Does it make people behave and think in healthy ways? Do you think of yourself in a healthy way in relation to Yahweh, the creator of the universe who is infinitely far above you, to whom you can never possibly be an equal? Why does Yahweh want servants rather than equals? The major question is: if you were God, would you want equals?

    For all Yahwists, the answer is no. They have such a twisted idea of God, they never imagine that God would not want worshipers. The idea is inconceivable to them. They live in a world of masters and slaves, of speakers and listeners. They are so stringently opposed to being in personal control of their own lives, it’s as if they have no voice at all. The reality is that they are too terrified by the real world to take responsibility.

    When you must make a big decision, the future is uncertain. The Dead are crushed by anxiety. What if they make the wrong decision? How could they bear the regret of having failed? And so, they outsource their decision-making to someone else. Suddenly, all the pressure is gone. They don’t have to worry. For believers, they remain convinced that things will ultimately end up well for them (heaven) if they live a certain way and perform certain chores at regular intervals. Their belief in religion is entirely self-serving. How many of them would serve Yahweh if he promised them no afterlife? We ought to get a good idea by looking at the Jews – they make up about 0.2% of the world’s population, whereas Christians are about 31% and Muslims about 23% (this is also due to the fact that the Jews have never concerned themselves with preaching to unbelievers). Yes – over half of the world are Yahwists. Over half of the world reveres this arrogant, self-absorbed god.

    The Dead are profoundly traumatized by the world. They employ a number of coping mechanisms, religion being one of them. Prayer is another (even some people who don’t identify as Yahwists pray). Both of these are mechanisms that allow people to feel personally important in the grand scheme of the cosmos. If you’re a Yahwist, you think God has a personal interest in you. If you pray, then you must suppose that there is some cosmic force that might heed your prayer, otherwise, there’s no point in praying.

    Yahwism falsifies reality to foster an escape from it. The result is billions of people who don’t know what reality is because they turn away from it and ignore it.

    Many Yahwists haven’t chosen their religion because they were brought up in it, so they never gained the skills needed to confront life without that coping mechanism. If religion qualifies as a coping mechanism, which it certainly does, then it is the cruelest injustice that children are brought up as religious. Child indoctrination is the most shameful thing, the most evil thing of all. How ironic that Christians claim it is evil to worship other gods besides their own and then indoctrinate their children! They are the evil ones. If anyone should be sent to hell, it’s them.

    Everyone should be forbidden from being a part of any religion until they are 18 and have received a religious education. Parents should never be permitted to teach religion to a child. Why should parents be allowed to enforce their religious beliefs on their children? Why should they be allowed to take advantage of their children’s naïve and suggestible nature to propagate their own beliefs? It’s an abomination, one that removes a child’s freedom of religion. How can it be permitted, in this so-called “modern” and “progressive” age, that children’s religion can be decided for them before they are even born? How can it be permitted that Jews and Muslims circumcise their children for religious reasons? Their babies are identified as Yahwists before they can even speak or think for themselves!

    If everyone was required to wait until being educated about religions before actually believing them, then Yahwism would be stone dead within a single generation. There is no more grotesque spectacle in this world than that older generations should determine the thinking of the next generation. There is scarcely any greater or more profound wrong to be committed.

    If you teach any religion to a child, then you are EVIL. You have no right to do so, and nevermind making peace with God – it’s yourself you should be making peace with. There are no excuses.

    Few ideas are more poisonous than that parents have some “right” to raise their children how they wish. Parents have no such right. Their job is to produce a functioning member of society who can express themselves in their own way. Parents’ job is not to produce themselves in miniature.

    Any parent who thinks they should be able to raise their child in whatever way they wish, teaching them whatever values they wish, is a selfish, self-centered moron.

    Whenever someone tells you that they’re a parent, ask them how many books on parenting they’ve read. Chances are, the answer will be zero. Who are parents to gamble with the act of raising a child?

    If you want to drive, you have to take a test to verify that you know how to drive. In the UK, if you want a job that requires the use of a chainsaw, you’ll need to have a chainsaw license that demonstrates that you know how to use them properly. Why should raising children be any different? Parents are capable of causing serious psychological damage to their children. It seems absurd that any old fucker can be allowed to have and raise a child without any certification, without any study, without any assessment of their psychological state. Of course, the State can provide guidance to new parents and teach them the logistics of handling a baby, but all of this happens after the fact. No checks are performed to make sure that they are even capable of raising a child.

    The State must clamp down on parents who don’t know what they’re doing, and especially parents who aren’t psychologically sound and parents who intend to teach their child a religion. Children are, to use the trite phrase, the future. Why do we gamble with our future as a species just because those in power are too afraid to tell parents that they’re shit?

    Why do people have children? Because they decide, “I want a child.” How many of them study child psychology, child education, child development, childcare, and so on? Virtually none. How can they be in any way confident of what they’re doing? In theory, a person should have to study for at least a few years before they can learn everything they need to know about parenting. So why aren’t they made to? Because the powers-that-be are too cowardly to decide who’s a good parent and who isn’t. They only intervene in the case of neglect or of abuse. They never intervene in the case of incompetence, or in the case of parents who are utterly delusional about their children because they know nothing about psychological development.

    Shouldn’t all people who intend to become parents be reading as many books on parenting as they can (ones written by qualified experts, not by any old couple)?

    Middle Men

    Say you’re writing to someone. You compose a fantastic letter in marvelous cursive – early English style – and send it off to a very important person – a VIP. You get a reply back, and you open it – only, it doesn’t contain what you expected it to. The message of the letter is all wrong. It doesn’t reflect the temperament of the VIP. You find out that it wasn’t, in fact, the VIP after all, but a middle man. You meet the middle man and he tells you he has the authority to communicate on the VIP’s behalf. You ask him for proof of this, but he never produces it. He just says that if you don’t believe him, you’ll get into serious trouble, and if you do believe him, everything will be okay. A while later you try writing to the VIP again only to receive another faked reply. You meet this middleman and find out that he’s completely different from the last one, and yet he also tells you you’re headed for trouble if you don’t use him to communicate with the VIP. You end up meeting countless middle men, none of whom can produce any evidence that they are who they say they are.

    Does this tale sound familiar? If you’ve ever had a crisis of religion, it will.

    When it comes to people who want to stand between you and your spirituality, prophets are only the beginning. They wrote false tales of miracles and expected people to follow them, the favored of God. People did. Then, after the prophets, there were the pastors, priests, and theologians, every one of which expected you to believe them. After the Reformation and many different forms of Protestantism coalesced, the problem was magnified.

    What authority does the Papacy offer you that it is authorized to dictate what you should believe? Absolutely none. You’d think that if salvation was so important to God, he’d perform a few simple miracles to designate who’s an approved leader and who isn’t. As it is, it’s all too easy to get sucked into the wrong sect. How is a human supposed to discern which sect to join to be saved when the leaders present no credentials for their claims? Moreover, why should anyone believe any of them in the first place?

    When Moses and Aaron (allegedly) went to present God’s ultimatum to Pharaoh, they took evidence with them – three miracles to prove that God really had communicated with them.

    Well? Where are the pope’s miracles? He has none, therefore he does not speak on God’s behalf. He’s just an ordinary man seeking to control others. The same goes for everyone else.

    There’s one word to be associated with such people: hubris.

    The main reason why people adhere to sects is that it’s far too daunting for them to go through the Bible, interpret it for themselves, and decide what their own beliefs should be. It’s easier to accept everything pastors say and never inquire further.

    There’s nothing wrong with individuals interpreting the Bible for themselves or looking at the world and deciding for themselves what their spirituality and religion should be. It’s a few people attempting to control the religious interests of many others. When the doctrine of a sect is changed, everyone is expected to go along with it. A hundred years from now, the very same sect might look entirely different. So much for God’s eternal, immutable word!

    When someone who isn’t the pope claims to be the rightful pope, the only thing separating this “impostor” from the “true” pope is the level of established power they have. Other than that, there is literally no difference between the pope and an ordinary catholic. Why, exactly, do Catholics put their faith in this person? Because they have deluded themselves. Because it’s tradition. Because it’s easy. And because it absolves them of responsibility for their own lives and beliefs.

    The Golden Rule

    The Golden Rule of Morality: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    The Golden Rule of Authority: Only command others to do what you would be willing to do personally. Never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t. If you do, then you are a total hypocrite and you have no right to authority over anyone.


    Yahweh is the most alluring speaker. He’s terrified of being equals with others, so he forces them into a relationship from which only he benefits – that of worship. He constructs elaborate illusions around himself that are designed to feed off people’s adoration. He’s deluded enough to think that he really is the only person who matters. His delusion is so strong, it’s as if no one else has a voice.

    Yahweh wants us to believe that we are hopeless, helpless, sinful beings. We can’t do anything right without his help. We’re wicked people who need to be kept on a leash, like dogs. We’re offered a treat (heaven) if we obey and a punishment (hell) if we disobey.

    Meanwhile, he is the glorious image of perfection, the source of everything good and true in the world, the guide of all good people, the author of the only real wisdom.

    Of course, the truth is that people project their good qualities onto God. They possess these qualities, but they attribute them to God – because, again, we humans are purely monstrous and incapable of anything good. We can’t have autonomy in the hands of humans now, can we?

    Yahweh tells you that your heart is deceitful, that your only chance at truth and stability is to follow him. He lies, of course. There are plenty of spiritual people who don’t worship this egotist; there are many non-Yahwists living quite stable lives. They’re not all on drugs or getting drunk every day or having disputes or being magically corrupted by sexual sins. They’re living normal lives.

    Paganism (such as Elohism) prevailed for thousands of years before Yahweh was even thought of.

    In the movie End of Days, Satan says:

    "Let me tell you something about him [God]: he is the biggest underachiever of all time. He just had a good publicist, that's all. Something good happens, it's his will; something bad happens, he moves in mysterious ways. You take that—that overblown press kit they call the Bible, you look for the answer in there, what do they tell you? - shit happens. Pfft. Please."

    This cuts to the heart of the matter. What, ultimately, is Yahwism all about? Publicity. PR. Marketing. Advertising. They’re advertising the greatest (or worst) product you’ve ever heard of: adherence to Yahweh’s religion. They’re offering the best future you’ve ever wanted: an eternity in heaven.

    But the moment it comes to actually seeing Yahweh, to proving that his marketing isn’t all a con, the marketers say, “Oh, well, you just have to look around and decide for yourself. I can’t prove God to you, you have to come to some mystical realization, which they Holy Spirit helps with, of course. But if you don’t come to that realization, you’re going to hell.”

    This is pure psychological manipulation. Nothing more. It’s a centuries-old con scheme. It’s so effective that even the conmen believe their own lies. Every conman is also a con victim. It’s the self-perpetuating con.

    The Culmination

    Santa is very disappointed! Alas, only the children of the world are pure enough to believe in him! There have been no adults to see!

    Oh well. Maybe next year.

    The festival of Santa is often called Christmas, but it has nothing to do with Jesus. A long time ago, the very same day was called Saturnalia, and it was a day marked by gift-giving! On this special day, the roles of the Roman slaves and masters were reversed – slave became master and master became slave. Yes, Santa (aka Saturn!), the liberator of the masses from the drudgery of everyday life, is so brilliant, he can overturn slavery!

    The 25th of December is called the Culmination, the celebration of Santa’s works all throughout the winter! It’s the end of a year, the beginning of a new one. It’s the celebration of our own liberty, our own autonomy!

    Saturnalia was a day of revelry and celebration, not of mourning over Jesus’ mutilated, dead body! We must restore the Culmination to its original purpose: liberation. Santa works for our liberation and happiness – praised be he!

    Christianity’s symbol is a man brutally nailed to a cross, bleeding and dying slowly.

    Santism’s symbol is a man wearing fluffy red clothes and a jolly smile!

    Which religion seems healthier to you? Which one would you rather follow? Santa or dying Jesus?


    Are you ready for the CULMINATION? What will you be doing on the day? Will you be liberated or subdued? The choice rests with you.