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    We all have our own universe. We're all gods (universe-owners). You can't get insurance for your universe; you have to take care of it yourself. No one can give you their universe; you have to make do with the one you already have. You can make any changes to your universe and everyone else will have to deal with it. You are in charge.

    But what's all this talk of universes about? Well, you see, the fact is that if you're a Christian, then you live in a Christian universe. In this universe, not only are signs of your eternal Father in heaven abundant, they're totally undeniable. You don't look up to god; you live with him side-by-side every day. If you believe he exists then he literally does exist.

    Some people live in scientific and materialistic universes, where there are no supernatural elements whatsoever. When they die, those people will cease to exist rather than going to heaven or enjoying some other manner of afterlife, like people in religious universes do.

    Still others live in mysterious universes, where nothing is really decided. These tend to be very sparsely populated universes, full of voids and nothings. They see nothing of the brilliant constellations everyone else has. When people in these universes die, they will experience a vague state of indecisiveness, where they both exist and don't exist at the same time (there's a 1 percent chance that people from scientific universes can experience this too!). They think and they don't. They experience and they don't. All of this happens concurrently.

    Other people live in mind universes, where everything is made of mind - even the physical world is a mental construct. There's nothing of the "solid" matter we think we perceive. When they die, people in these universes will continue to exist just as they always have.

    And then there are universes where everyone has their own universe, and in those universes there might be still others who have their own universe, and so on, leading to an infinite recursion of universes inside other universes.

    All of these different kinds of universes literally do exist. In other words, you're living in your own universe and what you believe will actually affect your reality. Whatever you believe is true. Literally. You're in charge of everything. That's why there's no good reason to listen to the people who talk to you about "the real world!" There is no real world, there is only a you-world!

    There is no truth, and that's why it's perfectly okay to believe whatever you want. If you believe you'll go to heaven, you literally will go to heaven. If you believe you'll stop existing, you literally will stop existing! It really is that simple. All those philosophers throughout the course of history trying to discover the "real" nature of things were so misguided. They never realised that reality changes according to what you believe. Plato's tripartite soul is real because at least one person has believed it in the past. Those who say there isn't a soul are also totally correct and anyone who disagrees is totally incorrect. Parmenides' insight that change is illusory is true, and Heraclitus' statement that change is the only permanent thing is also true.

    Free yourself. Stop choosing to believe in "real" things and instead put your belief in things you prefer. What's the point in life if you can't believe what you want? We're in a free reality, not a reality of tyranny where a certain set of facts is forced on everyone!

    Speaking of tyranny, everything Hitler believed is absolutely correct and cannot be argued against. Also Donald Trump.

    Many find this a difficult realisation, as is often the case with the truth: since I believe everything I'm saying, you can't say a word against it. You can't argue. You can't object. By definition, it's true. Your only choices are to sit and mumble incoherently, or to buck up and choose to believe what you want. What's it going to be? Are you going to buck up your ideas, or are you going to stay stuck in the past of "facts" and "reasoning" - the biggest tyrants of old? Even scientists are in the realm of speculation and guesswork these days, not facts and truths. What's dark energy? What's dark matter? These are literally things that are real purely because scientists have chosen to believe in them! It doesn't matter that they don't have very clearly defined properties, or that they have never actually been found - that stuff was old news decades ago.

    Who even cares? We're in the middle of a crisis that's sure to be followed by an even more stressful crisis. What bearing does "facts" have now? All those philosophers aren't so concerned about the distant past now, are they? When it really comes down to it, people who advocate for facts aren't sound people. They're neurotic and unstable. Don't you think that your belief is a much more solid foundation for reality than reality itself? Reality can't be its own foundation; it must be resting upon something (but God can still have no creator because reasons).

    That's the "fact" of the matter: there is no truth and everything you say is true automatically by virtue of being said. This seems so illogical to the pesky folks out there concerned with "reasoning," but they just need to get with the program! Come on, it's 2020, for God's sake! Get up to date, you stuffy old grandparents! You're living in the '60s! I bet you don't even know how to use Twitter, do you? Twitter is the best place on the internet, and anyone who doesn't like it needs to piss off before I hit them with a baseball bat - just so you know the level of sophistication you're dealing with.

    What's real? Whatever you want.

    What's not real? Literally anything else.

    What's rational? Whatever you decide is rational.

    What's irrational? Anything else.

    You get to decide! You get to be God in your own little head! So be glad you don't live in a universe where people like me get to be snobbish bastards! You can believe whatever you want about me, after all. You're very welcome to believe something heroic, i.e., that I'm the reincarnation of "Jesus Fucking Christ," king of the world, and that I'm totally the best person you've ever met. You haven't met me, but you can always believe that you have! - then you'll be but a smidge closer to the breathtaking divinity that is ME.

    And some people say I'm delusional! Who's laughing now?